We are continuously looking for land developers, investors or contractors in the western United States and Canada who are interested in partnering with us on a project.

We specialize in building in difficult to build locations with high costs and short building seasons such as ski towns, remote developments, Indian reservations, etc. Contact us if interested.

1. Homebuilders: If you are a homebuilder in an area that has limited labor supply and subcontractors, this could be a good option for you. We deliver high-performance panels and components, packaged and shipped as a kit and quickly assembled onsite. The result is much faster onsite construction, predictable results and much faster home completion and profit for you. We don’t build custom, one-off homes, however contact us if you are interested in partnering with us on multi-home projects.

2. Land Owners: It is usually easier to sell a home or cabin on a lot than sell a building lot by itself. Based on past experience, we believe there is an untapped market for affordable, small vacation homes. Many people would like to own a cabin or vacation home but simply cannot afford a $400,000+ cabin. Our homes work perfect for cabin lots, ski resorts, remote locations, desert locations, etc.

3. Investors: If you are interested in providing housing solutions for vacation rentals, nightly rentals, long-term rentals or building and selling housing projects, give us a call. We could be your housing supplier and help you overcome the most difficult part of the equation: Rapidly building the homes for a quick ROI.