SIZE:  2-bed, 2-bath 900 sq ft on main floor, 780 sq ft garage / lower level, 1,680 total sq ft.

WHAT WE OFFER:  There are different solutions depending on your specific project.  Which category best describes you?

  Developer / Multi Unit Projects

  Contractor / Homebuilder



We can act as the GC or construction manager on your project.  

We customize to fit your specific project lots, needs, etc.


We can send you leads.

We can help set up your website.  You can clone our website so it looks like yours.

You can use our website to find additional jobs, subs, etc.

You can use our project mgt software.   

It's a win-win for everyone!  It's much easier, customer has already chosen all options, etc, etc.  Check out this video:  Why work with Zip Kit Homes.


We can sell you a basic floor plan of your choosing for $500, sufficient for banks, lenders, planning etc. This will get the ball rolling and will show you the next steps to take when starting the building process. 

Once you have found the right contractor to work with and have reviewed the plans, we would sell you the complete set for $3,900. This includes panel drawings for every wall, exact material lists, assembly instructions, etc. Everything you would need to know to build one of our homes. After your building permit is issued, your contractor will complete all the site work: excavation, foundation, etc.

This is where your building location would determine your next step. To keep costs as low as possible, our shipping radius is roughly 750 miles from Cedar City, UT 84720. Factor $4 per mile for the shell kit and $3 per mile for the finish kit.

A) If you are within our shipping radius we will ship you our complete panelized kit home, ready to build by your chosen contractor.

B) If you are outside of our shipping radius, the more affordable option would be our complete pre-cut kit home. This includes all structural framing that comes pre-cut and marked, ready to assemble. This option not only reduces shipping cost significantly, but also cuts labor costs in our factory making our product even more affordable.