SIZE:  Each unit is 400 sq ft, 1-bed, 1-bath.

PRICE:  This home can be built in our area from $100 to $150 per sq ft.  Shipping not included.  To get an estimated shipping cost, find the distance from Mt Pleasant UT 84627 and multiply by $3.00 per mile. You also need to factor in the site work that is not included such as excavation, foundation, etc.  Get exact pricing by clicking  "Pricing and Options" on the right.

DETAILS:  Each unit is built in our factory as a highly efficient, sustainable, 8' wide x 40' long modular unit.  The units ship as a "legal load" at only 8' wide, which significantly reduces shipping cost.  Once the units arrive at the building site they are craned in place and fold out to 12' wide in the sections shown on the floor plan.  The fold-out process only takes a few hours.  This is a great option for 1-bedroom rental units.